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We make it possible for you to say "YES!" to your customers

Sphere Integrated Platform makes it possible for you to say “yes!” when customers ask for integrations with other F&B tech services.

If you’ve built integrations before, you’ll know the ongoing pain of supporting them. Sphere insulates you from ongoing API maintenance, migration, monitoring, failover and customer support for other APIs.

Integrating your software or app with Sphere is easier than integrating with other APIs as you only have to do it once. You’ll seamlessly be integrated with everyone on Sphere now and in the future. Stay ahead of your competitors, gain the ability to reach out to a larger market and do it for less money and resources!

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Why you should work with Sphere

Let us do it for you

Your customers need integration but you don’t have the bandwidth to do this. We can do this for you and we do it well. This means a seamless, easy integration for you and a seamless, easy integration for your customers!

Strength in numbers

No man is an island. You’ll be joining a club of services specifically targeted at the F&B market. If this is the industry you want to be in, this is the platform for you.

Our awesome team

You’ll be working with a great team of enthusiastic, hardworking people. Sphere will make sure that your integration is smooth and that our customers will hear of you and your great product. Your needs are paramount to us.

Fast, efficient, and painless

Our aim is to take the pain out of integration. This is what we do and we get it done quickly and efficiently.

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