Sphere POS –
built by F&B people, for F&B

We designed Sphere POS with the input of an F&B industry veteran, so we knew it had to be easy to use, intuitive and most importantly, extremely flexible.

Sphere POS’ use is extended when used in tandem with the Sphere Integration Platform (included in our package). Find out more about the Platform. Add on extras like our Waiter and Klikcloc app for maximum benefit.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface


Real-time analytics

Supports QSR and FSR

Tailored to your workflow

Offline backup mode

Streamline operations

Add-ons for Sphere POS


The Sphere POS digital staff clock-in/clock-out system. Each employee is assigned a pin number unique to them. Track your employees’ time and attendance, then schedule rosters and organise payroll reporting with the data. Upgrade to enjoy seamless integration with Talenox, our HR software partner.

Built-in waiter app

Sphere POS includes a built-in waiter app that works seamlessly with the rest of the system in real-time, all the time. Orders reach the kitchen before your waiters leave customers’ tables, and service notes are visible on the POS as soon as they are entered.

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