Sphere Makes Beer

I count myself lucky to work here – not only because of colleagues and co-workers (hi Intraix!) who are passionate about making great products, but also because we share a ferocious passion for making great food (or at least, experimenting till we get there).

I’ve reaped the benefits in the form of many, many cups of cold-brew coffee (we make a new custom-blended bean combinations fresh every week – find out more and even order your own here!) air fryer recipes (cakes, spam fries, baked eggs made fresh in the office) and mind-blowing barbecues by our in-house meat aficionado Andrew.

This time though, we made and bottled a total of about 46 litres of beer in 2 batches.

Here’s the beer sitting pretty in a beer barrel (don’t ask why we have one) after about a week of initial fermentation. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of the mixing process!

Since it hasn’t been carbonated pre-bottling, it is flat though quite delicious. The beer will sit for another month or so to carbonate, and we’ll be breaking them open just in time for a beery, beery Christmas.

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