Data, data, everywhere!

Let's face it, POSes are boring. Most businesses look at POSes as just workhorses - something to buy, plunk down on a desk, and use as a piece of business equipment. But there’s a lot more untapped potential for merchants to benefit from the data collected by their POS.

A ‘pie’ chart
A ‘pie’ chart

For starters, the data can be a rich source of information about what is driving sales, and even provide detailed analysis about your customer demographics. It could potentially help restaurants display their menus online, automatically updated with the latest offers and promotions. The latter is especially important to businesses looking into online ordering, which can help a small outlet increase discoverability and sales.

Many systems claim to handle all these aspects, with the caveat that their suite of tools be used throughout. But what if you’re using a different accounting software? Or if you want to try a different online reservation system? Things tend to get more complicated then.

We decided to take a different approach. Since no single vendor can provide the perfect solution for every component of an F&B’s POS infrastructure, we designed with the intent to allow other collaborators to fill in the missing pieces. Each provider can then focus on their respective fortes to provide the best solution for their niche. In short, our plan is to build a collaborative solution by bringing other players into the fold.

We look forward to bringing a more cohesive experience to the merchant, and in turn, a better dining experience for your guests.

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