[Ask Tim] 4 Questions with Tim Han

Tim is one of the co-founders of Sphere and has been working in the F&B industry for 10 years. Having risen through the ranks from waiter, to manager, to business director, he really knows his way around restaurant management and food.

1. How did you come up with the idea of the platform?

I was trying to find a solution for my F&B businesses. We were working with these enormous systems that couldn’t be customised to suit our work flow. Instead of the system helping us, we were having to change to fit the system. So I initially asked Chris to come up with a bespoke system but the cost was too prohibitive. We realised it was a problem that all companies faced. And that’s how the idea for the Sphere Integration Platform was born.

2. I have enough going on in my restaurant, why do I need even more tech?

The platform isn’t actually adding tech to your system, it will make your existing tech easier to use. Sphere simplifies all your IT, letting you control it with one dashboard, that you can access from anywhere.

3. My staff and I are not tech-savvy at all, this will make our life even harder. Why should I get this?

I’ll be honest. There is a learning curve and it is less steep for more tech-savvy people. However, I have found that on an operational level, my older, less tech-savvy staff have had no problems operating Sphere POS, which is one of the features of the Integration Platform. The bedding-in process took only 2-3 days and even my less-educated staff are able to use the system.

At the managerial level, we find that being able to customise the system to our needs and access all that information on one platform to be much more effective and productive.
4. Even though your proposition sounds great, I cannot be bothered to go through the hassle of changing systems. Why should I?

You are going to have to go for a system like this in the near future, because it just makes sense. They allow you to leverage on your business and give you better control of your restaurant. You can make better, data-driven, decisions. Even if you are a new restaurateur, the data will help you to make more informed choices for your business.

The F&B industry is so competitive and challenging, we have to keep evolving to stay ahead of the pack. So I’m going to jump at the chance to become more organized and productive.

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